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Phpbb updating styles 3 0 6

At this point, I had an error: I suspect that the information in the database in the phpbb_migrations table did not allow the script to fully update.

So I solved the problem by restoring the old forum base by clearing this phpbb_migrations table via php My Admin or by sql query: And again running the update script for the // FORUM database /install/database_update.php, which this time performed the update correctly.

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The version check now also supports branches which will result in more helpful information about new versions on other branches.This application is opensource software released under the GPL.Please see source code and the docs directory for more details.This version is a maintenance & security release of the 3.2.x branch which fixes three security issues, as well as adding more hardening and fixes for various bugs reported in previous versions.A server-side request forgery (SSRF) exploit was discovered in the remote avatar functionality which could be used to perform service discovery on internal and external networks as well as retrieve images which are usually restricted to local access (thanks to SEC Consult for the report).

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