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“ISIS believes Yazidi women can be enslaved, under their interpretation of Islam,” says FRONTLINE’s Edward Watts, who spent two months in Iraq and Turkey filming the documentary and finding undercover footage. The video of what one man calls “slave market day” is included in a series of Facebook-first mini-documentaries released ahead of the new FRONTLINE film, The footage offers a stunning window into the plight of women and children who are Yazidis — a religious minority that have been targeted by ISIS for particularly brutal treatment.Farida stared at the video of about a dozen ISIS fighters. Farida was captured in August when ISIS fighters took over Kuchu, a Yazidi village with a population of less than 2,000 near the Sinjar Mountains in northern Iraq. Survivors tell NBC News that ISIS fighters entered Kuchu on August 3, stayed for several days, and eventually separated the men from their families.The militants laughed and cracked jokes about their sexual prowess, the older ones saying the younger men weren't ready for all the fun they were about to have with their personal sex slaves. Kuchu was already surrounded by ISIS fighters when the U. The men were then driven to the groves outside of the village, lined up and shot.

In the past, they would have invited their Muslim neighbours to join the celebrations, but more recently a distance had grown between them, leading the villagers to keep mostly to their own.

She bought a soda and started asking people for directions. While Knight had never met him, she’d seen photos of him on Emily’s cell and overheard her talking to him on the phone. “If you give me a second here, maybe I can show you how to get there,” he said softly. “Wow, you must live in this place,” Knight said, as recounted in her memoir, . Instead of driving straight to the social services meeting, he told her he had to make a quick stop at his house first.

They started talking about Knight’s son, Joey, and then Castro mentioned that his dog had just had puppies.

he day before Isis came was a holiday in Sinjar district, northern Iraq.

Yazidis gathered to celebrate the end of a fasting period. Harvested wheat fields stood short and stubbly under the shadowless sun.

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Farida ended up in Raqqa, where she was sold as a concubine. They told us to convert (to Islam), but we wouldn’t,” Hweida said in a halting voice. “They took us to the school in the village and separated the men.

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