Entitymanager merge not updating record sri lankan girl friends dating

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Entitymanager merge not updating record

Before call Entity Manager.merge() method, I uses entity Manager.contains() method to ensure the Child Entities are managed. but when I call Entity Manager.merge(team) to update the parent entity, hibernate generated the "insert" SQL to update child entity and display "unique constraint" ...

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So hibernate creating new record for the userdetails without signaling any error.

Likewise, the Entity Manager removes the relational data when you request that an entity be deleted.When I was making some changes into user details using simple code as shown bellow, it was updating record into user_details table. Hibernate Session Factory()Current Session(); session.begin Transaction(); User u=(User) session.load(User.class,new Long(2)); User Details details=User Details(); User Dao user Dao=new User Dao(); Address1("9999999999"); session.merge(u); Transaction().commit(); But, when I was using the same code to update the user details with the data getting from user's request ,it was not working as my expectation.It was inserting new record for userdetails into User_deatils table instead of Updating. Actually, when form was submitting by user, all data was mapping to User Detail entity bean, but the Id field was missing.Duplicate insert: @One To May with cascade "all" & merge Posted: Fri Dec 17, 2010 am Newbie Joined: Wed Sep 09, 2009 am Posts: 2 I have encountered a strange behavior of ... Main Entity me = get Main Entity(main Entity ID); // this will retrieve the Main Entity from database 3. I have an entity Main Entity Main Entity has a collection of Child Entity.

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